Welcome to the wonderful world of wrap bracelets! These bracelets have been all the rage in recent years! It's no surprise, really, they're simply fabulous. These pretty bracelets will spice your outfit while adding a little bohemian touch. Wrap bracelets are a creative accessory to try this year. They come in endless combinations of natural stones, beads, crystals, leather, and many more options. Join me on this journey as we explore 20 stunning bracelets.

1. Goddess Wrap Around Bracelets: A Playful Spin

wrap bracelet

These bracelets are the perfect tribute to femininity and strength. Beautifully crafted, each one reflecting the inner goddess in you. Wear them as a reminder of your inner strength and beauty.

2. Amazonite Beaded Wrap Bracelet: Pure Contrast

Amazonite wrap bracelet

These wrap bracelets are for those who love the soothing effects of the Amazonite. Besides the variety of beads, silver nuggets, string, and thread, this bracelet screams femininity, while the leather gives it a rugged edge.

3. Positivity Leather Beaded Wrap Bracelet: The Perfect Combination

Possitivity Wrap Bracelet

Positivity and inspiration, the perfect combination! The colorful beads and the great message will remind you to stay positive and hopeful the whole day. Wear them to feel good and spread good vibes all around.

4. Protection Beaded Wrap Bracelets: Intricate and Eye-Catching

Protection wrap bracelet

These pieces are a symbol of strength and protection. Beautiful handmade wrap bracelet and eye-catching, for sure will make turn heads wherever you go.

5. Black Onyx Wrap Bracelets Leather: A Classic Choice For Protection

Black Onyx Wrap Bracelet

This is a timeless and classic wrap bracelet inspired by Chan Luu designs. Black onyx stones contrast beautifully with soft leather cord, creating a look that is both bold and understated at the same time. Perfect for any occasion.

6. Earthy Leather and Beads Wrap Bracelet

Soft Fire Wrap Bracelet 

Looking for an earthy and natural vibe? This wrap bracelet will transport you to the great outdoors and give you that earthy, grounded feeling. Wear it with your favorite bohemian outfit and let your free spirit shine.

7. Labradorite and Rhodonite Beaded Gemstone Wrap Bracelet

Beaded 5 Wrap Bracelet

If you're into gemstones, this rap is a must-have. The combination of these two gemstones creates a unique effect. This is a statement wrap with a touch of elegance, perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Get ready to turn heads with this stunning bracelet

8. Handmade Fresh Water Pearl Wrap Bracelets

handmade natural Pearls Wrap Bracelet

Looking for a more classic option? This wrap bracelet combines the elegance of pearls with rough leather, creating a look that is feminine and edgy. Wear it to dress up any outfit, from casual jeans and t-shirt to a chic little black dress. 

9. The Eco-Friendly Beaded Wrap Bracelet with Amazonite Natural Stones

Calming Double Wrap Bracelet

Are you a proud vegan who wants to look stylish without compromising your values? This wrap bracelet bracelet is both ethical and stylish. The natural tones of the Amazonite and the weave of the cotton threads will give you an earthy look, perfect for any eco-conscious beauty.

10. The Vintage Wrap Bracelet With Frosted Jasper Natural Stones

Vintage Wrap Beaded Bracelet

These wrap bracelets are for those who love vintage. The combination of leather cord and earthy jasper beads creates a look that is reminiscent of the hippie days of the 60s. Wear it to a festival and get ready to groove to your own beat.

11. The Talisman Wrap Bracelet

Goddess Labradorite 5 Wrap Bracelet

Looking for a bracelet that will bring you good luck? Then this is the wrist wrap you need! Made with pretty stones and beads, this bracelet is not only beautiful but also carries a powerful meaning. Wear it as a reminder of strength and resilience.

12. The Opal Leather Wrap Bracelet

Opal Leather Wrap Bracelet

In this piece, the delicate beauty of the opal charm complements the ruggedness of the round leather cord, creating a look that is both feminine and edgy. Wear it anytime you want to shine!

13. The Pure Love Wrap Bracelet With Rose Quartz Crystal Stones

Love Protection Wrap Bracelet

Are you a hopeless romantic? Here is a great way to express romance, love, and devotion. Made with soft leather cord and delicate rose quartz beads, this bracelet is feminine and pure. Wear it as a reminder of all the love you want to spread.

14. The Boho Minimalist  Wrap Bracelet

Natural Labradorite Boho Bracelet

If you love minimalist style, then this bracelet will charm you. Made with a simple wax cord and a small labradorite stone. Understated and beautiful. Wear it as a subtle accent to your everyday look, or layer it with other bracelets

15. The Intuition Wrap Bracelet 

Intuition Leather Wrap Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for those seeking guidance and inner wisdom. Let the colors and varying textures of the stones in this bracelet inspire your journey.

16. Mystic Wrap Bracelets

Mystic Forest Wrap Bracelet

Mysterious and intriguing natural stones. These are great bracelets for those drawn to the unknown. Wear it as a reminder that magic and mystery should always be present at any time in your life.

17. The Bohemian Wrapped Bracelet

Love & Peace Wrap Bracelet

Unleash your bohemian goddess The combination of leather cords and jasper beads creates a free-spirited look that is perfect for any adventurous soul. Wear it to a music festival and let your creativity shine!

18. The Seed Beads Wrap Bracelet

Miyuki and Pearls Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Embrace color and simplicity in this bracelet. Wear it with any outfit to add a touch of subtle charm.

19. The Rainbow Wrap Bracelet

Rainbow Jasper Wrap Bracelet

Add a burst of color to your arm with this vibrant and cheerful bracelet. The lovely details ads charm to this piece. Wear it to brighten up any day and spread joy wherever you go.

20. The Asymmetric Wrap Bracelet

Endless Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet

This a unique bracelet for those who love asymmetry and unconventional designs. Combines different beads' shapes and colors for an edgy look. Perfect for those who dare to be different. Wear it alone or layering other bracelets.

wrap bracelets

Which of these stunning handmade wrap bracelets speaks to your unique style and personality? 

Wrap Up 

wrap bracelets

It's time to wrap up our journey through the world of stunning wrap bracelets. We've explored 20 unique and beautiful options for handmade wrap bracelets that are perfect for expressing yourself, and that add some charm to your outfit.


From the earthy and bohemian to the elegant and stylish, there are wraps for every taste and style. Choose from a minimalistic look to a bold statement piece. Wrap bracelets are a great add-on to your list of great little things that will help you express your uniqueness.

wrap bracelets
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Where to Buy A Wrap Bracelet?

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Which one do you like the most? Just pick one or two add them to shopping bag and they are yours today!

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