Pixiu Red String Bracelet

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Introducing the Pixiu Red String Bracelet a powerful bracelet designed to bring wealth, good fortune, and protection into your life.

This Red String Pixiu Bracelet is the ultimate wealth Bracelet to help you achieve prosperity and abundance.

This bracelet brings:

  • The Red String is known for its lucky color and association with Tibetan Lucky Bracelets. It's a symbol of protection, luck, and connection.
  • Pixiu amulet, also known as Piyao, is a mythical Chinese creature that represents wealth and lucky charms. This creature is believed to attract wealth and good fortune to its owner while warding off negativity. This bracelet, featuring Pixiu, will help you harness positive energy and create a life full of abundance.

The combination of Good Fortune and Lucky Charm elements makes it an exceptional bracelet for attracting positive energy and opportunities.

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What does the Red String Pixiu Bracelet mean?

A Pixiu red string bracelet combines two powerful symbols in Chinese culture: the Pixiu and the red string. Each element holds its own meaning, and together, they form a popular amulet believed to bring good fortune, protection, and wealth.
  1. Pixiu: Pixiu is a mythical creature in Chinese folklore, resembling a winged lion with the body of a dragon. Symbolizing the accumulation of wealth. Pixiu is also considered a protective creature that wards off evil spirits and negative energy. People wear Pixiu charms to attract wealth, and good fortune, and to protect themselves from negativity.
  2. Red string: In Chinese culture, the red string (also known as the "red thread") symbolizes good luck, protection, and connection. It is believed that the red string helps to ward off misfortune, negative energy, and the evil eye. The color red is also associated with happiness, love, and vitality in Chinese culture.

When combined, the Pixiu red string bracelet represents a powerful amulet that seeks to attract wealth, protect against negative energy, and promote good luck and happiness.

Which hand do you wear a red string bracelet on? Many people wear the Pixiu red string bracelet on their left wrist, as it is believed to align with the receiving side of the body, thus allowing the individual to absorb the positive energy and blessings that the Pixiu is said to bring.

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  • Item: Red String Bracelet, Pixiu Bracelet
  • Metal: Sterling Silver, Red Rope String
  • Amulet: Pixiu Piyao
  • Adjustable Sliding Knots
  • Length: 0.57-0.79” (1.45-2cm, adjustable)
  • Unisex
  • Also Known as: Feng shui bracelet, Gold Pixiu bracelet, Pixiu Lucky Charm, Pixiu dragon bracelet, Tibetan Bracelet, Lucky Charm Bracelet

Bracelet Care: To prolong the life of your Pixiu bracelet, we recommend that you do not swim, shower, or bathe with them. Exposure to water can weaken the band and damage the charm. We also recommend taking your bracelet off before going to sleep.

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