Crystal Bracelets have been admired for centuries, not just for their beauty, but also for their healing properties. They serve as a constant source of positive energy and a protector against negative vibes. Each crystal carries a specific energy that corresponds to different aspects of our life, such as love, self-esteem, and mental clarity. The kind of crystal bracelet you choose can significantly impact your daily life.

Tourmaline Amethyst Stone Bracelet

The idea behind the crystal beaded bracelets is rooted in the ancient belief that crystals and gemstones can emit certain energies or vibrations. These energies can influence our own energy fields and bring about different types of healing, protection, and other benefits.

In addition to their metaphysical properties, crystal bracelets are also popular simply because they're beautiful!

Here's everything else you need to know about the hidden world of crystal bracelets. Let's delve deeper into the myriad of crystals and their distinctive attributes to better understand which one might be the perfect crystal bracelet for you.

What is the meaning and properties of crystals used in bracelets?

Smoky Quartz: The Stone of Endurance

smoky quartz bracelt

Smoky Quartz, a semi-precious stone, is revered for its unique protective and grounding properties. It's often referred to as a powerful protection stone that shields the wearer from negative energies. Furthermore, the grounding nature of smoky quartz is believed to restore harmony and bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

It's an excellent stone to consider if you're experiencing emotional or physical hardships, as it is said to provide strength during difficult times.

Clear Quartz: The Master Healer

smoky quartz crystal bracelet

Another crucial crystal bead bracelet to mention is the one made of Clear Quartz. Known as the 'Master Healer', clear quartz is believed to amplify energy and thought, effectively making your intentions stronger. Clear quartz bracelets are perfect for anyone seeking clarity in decision-making and deeper self-understanding.

In addition, Clear Quartz is also often used in combination with other crystal beads. Its ability to enhance the energy of other stones makes it a versatile accessory to have in your crystal jewelry collection.

Rose Quartz: The Love Stone

Rose quartz crystal bracelet

Rose Quartz is believed to encourage unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. It's often used to heal the heart and promote self-love. It's also thought to help in attracting romantic love and deepening existing relationships

Black Tourmaline: The Protector

Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Black Tourmaline, a semi precious stone, is known for its protective qualities. It's often regarded as a spiritual bodyguard, warding off negative energies and harmful influences. If you work in a stressful environment or often find yourself in emotionally charged situations, a black tourmaline bracelet can be a valuable ally.

 Ancient Greeks believed it to be a protective stone that shielded them from earthly demons, while Roman soldiers wore it as an amulet for protection in battles. Today, it continues to be a go-to crystal for those seeking powerful protection and grounding energies.

Hematite Stones: The Stone of Mind

Triple Power Black Onyx, Tiger Eye and Hematite Bracelet

Next on our list is Hematite, a semi-precious stone known for its metallic sheen and weighty presence. This stone is connected with grounding and balancing energy, making a hematite crystal bead bracelet an excellent choice for those who wish to encourage feelings of stability and calm in their lives.

Historically, Hematite was used in the ancient Greek word "haima," meaning blood, due to its red pigment when ground into a powder. Today, it's appreciated for its ability to absorb negative energy and bring the wearer mental clarity, making it a favorite amongst those who value clear, focused thought.

Tiger's Eye: The Confidence Booster

Tiger eye stone bracelet

Tiger's Eye, a stone as captivating as its name, is known for its chatoyant, or cat's eye, effect. It’s a stone of courage, strength, and personal power. Wearing a Tiger's Eye crystal bracelet can provide a confidence boost, enhancing your decision-making skills and encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone.

In Roman times, soldiers would wear Tiger's Eye for protection in battle. The ancient Greeks also carried it as an amulet to protect against evil. Today, it's often worn to encourage self-confidence and courage.

Green Aventurine: The Stone of Opportunity

green Aventurine Crystal Bracelet

Last, but certainly not least, Green Aventurine is considered the stone of opportunity and luck. Its soothing energy can help encourage feelings of inner peace and emotional balance. A Green Aventurine bracelet could be your perfect companion if you're seeking to attract luck and abundance into your life.

Green Aventurine is also said to stimulate creativity and motivation, making it an excellent stone for those seeking personal growth and self-improvement. It's often associated with manifestations of wealth and prosperity, hence the "stone of opportunity" moniker.

Amethyst: The Stone of Spirit

Calm Amethyst Crystal Bracelet Stretch

Amethyst is believed to promote calm, balance, and peace. It's often used to enhance meditation and spiritual awareness.this gemstone it's also thought to aid in overcoming addictions and bad habits, making it an excellent stone for those seeking personal growth and transformation.

Turquoise Crystal

Turquoise Stone Bracelet

This vibrant blue stone is known for its protective and healing properties. It's believed to promote inner peace, balance, and communication. Turquoise is also thought to enhance intuition and provide strength during times of spiritual growth.

Citrine: The Success Stone 

Citrine Stone Bracelet

Citrine is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. It's often used to enhance personal will, creativity, and manifestation abilities. Citrine is also thought to help in maintaining a positive outlook and overcoming fears and phobias.

Jade: The Stone of Wisdom

Jade Stone Bracelet

 This beautiful green stone is known as the "Stone of Wisdom."It's believed to attract good luck, friendship, and love. Jade is also thought to promote self-sufficiency and release negative thoughts.

Malachite: Stone of Transformation

Malachite stone Bracelet

This vibrant green stone is known as the Is believed to assist in dealing with change and to stimulate clear thinking and controlled emotions.

Lapis Lazuli: The Stone of Wisdom

Lapis Stone Bracelet

This deep blue stone is believed to enhance intellectual abilities, memory, and the desire for knowledge. Lapis Lazuli is also thought to aid in communication and expressing one's truth and beliefs.

Bronzite: The Stone of Courtesy

Bronzite Stone Bracelet

Bronzite is believed to boost self-confidence, promote harmony, and instill a sense of stillness and peace.

Each of these crystals has its unique properties, making them a perfect choice for different individuals depending on their needs and desires. 

Black Onyx: the Stone of Strength  and Protection

Empowerment Black Onyx Crystal Stretch Bracelet

Black Onyx is a powerful and protective stone with a captivating deep black color. Black Onyx offers protection and grounding, while also providing emotional stability for those seeking balance in their lives. It supports self-mastery and confidence, helping individuals overcome self-doubt and embrace their personal power. This powerful stone enhances focus and concentration by clearing mental clutter, allowing for better decision-making and problem-solving.

 Jasper: The Supreme Nurturer

Jasper Leather Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Jasper is believed to provide comfort, security, strength, and healing. It's often used to balance the aura to a level of wholeness and peace.

Sodalite: The Stone of Peace

Sodalite wrap Bracelet

It's believed to promote peace and tranquility and to reduce stress and anxiety. Sodalite is also thought to enhance self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-trust.

Agate: For Balance and harmonic energies

Agate crystal bracelet with pixiu

Known for its grounding, stabilizing, and protective properties, Agate is believed to improve concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. It's often used to soothe, calm and to create a sense of security and safety.

Howlite: The Stone of Awareness

Lotus Charm howlite Beaded Bracelet

Howlite is believed to prepare the wearer to receive wisdom and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine. It's often used to reduce anxiety, tension, stress, and anger.

Obsidian for Protection and Shielding

This powerful protective stone is known to shield against negativity and to absorb and transform negative energies. Obsidian is also thought to stimulate growth, bring clarity, and improve self-control.

obsidian bracelet

Carnelian: The Stone of Motivation

Carnelian is believed to boost courage, promote positive life choices, and motivate for success. It's often used to improve concentration and remove extraneous thoughts during meditation.

Why Crystal Bracelets are so popular?

Crystal bracelets have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and it's not hard to see why. They're a perfect blend of beauty, mystique, and perceived healing properties, making them a favorite among many.

Let's talk fashion. Beaded crystal bracelets are incredibly versatile. With a myriad of colors and types of crystals available, there's a bracelet to match every outfit and occasion. They can be worn alone for a minimalist style or stacked for a boho-chic vibe.

Apatite Stone bracelet

But the appeal of crystal bracelets goes beyond just aesthetics. Many people are drawn to their healing properties. Each type of crystal is believed to emit a unique energy that can influence our own energy fields.

Moreover, the rise of wellness culture has also played a significant role in the popularity of crystal bracelets. As more and more people seek natural and holistic ways to maintain health and well-being, crystals have come into the spotlight. They're seen as tools to promote emotional balance, restore harmony, and encourage feelings of peace and positivity, no wonder they are called healing bracelets with healing crystals.


What is the Spiritual and Metaphysical Significance of Crystal Bracelets?

At their core, crystal bracelets and stone bracelets are seen as powerful spiritual tools. They're believed to act as conduits for healing energy, helping to balance the body's energy fields or chakras. This belief stems from ancient traditions and cultures, which revered crystals for their unique properties and used them in spiritual practices.

One of the key aspects of the spiritual significance of crystal bracelets is the idea of intention setting. When you wear a crystal bracelet, you're not just wearing a piece of jewelry. You're making a conscious decision to invite certain energies into your life. This act of intention setting is a powerful spiritual practice in itself, helping you to focus your thoughts and manifest your desires.

Hamsa Charm Stone Bracelet

Crystal bracelets are also seen as tools for spiritual protection. They're believed to shield the wearer from negative energies, creating a protective barrier that helps maintain emotional and spiritual balance. This aspect of crystal bracelets can be particularly appealing to those who are sensitive to the energy of their surroundings and are looking for ways to maintain their energetic equilibrium.

Crystal bracelets and gemstone bracelets are multifaceted. They're seen as tools for healing, protection, and spiritual growth, serving as constant reminders of our intentions and our spiritual journeys. 

Energy and vibrations in Crystal Bracelets

Amazonite Stone Bracelet

The idea of energy and vibrations is central to understanding the appeal and significance of crystal bracelets. Everything in the universe, including us and the crystals in these bracelets, is made up of energy. This is even recognized by scientists and spiritual practitioners alike.

When we talk about the energy of crystal bracelets, we're referring to the specific vibrational frequency each crystal is believed to emit. These vibrations are thought to interact with our own personal energy fields, influencing our physical, emotional, and spiritual states.

Think of it like tuning a radio. Each crystal is like a different radio station, broadcasting at its own unique frequency. When you wear a crystal bracelet, it's like tuning into that crystal's specific broadcast, allowing its energy to influence your own.

So, when you wear a crystal gem bracelet, the idea is that your own energy field will start to resonate or entrain with the higher frequency of the crystal, promoting balance and well-being.

This concept of energy and vibrations is a fundamental part of the allure of crystal bracelets. It's the idea that these beautiful pieces of jewelry are not just accessories, but tools that can help us balance our energies and promote overall well-being.

chakra crystals bracelet

What are The Healing Properties of Crystal Bracelets?

Crystal bracelets are often prized for their purported healing properties. These properties are believed to stem from the unique energy or vibration each crystal emits, which can interact with our own energy fields to bring about healing and balance.

The healing properties of crystal bracelets can be physical, emotional, or spiritual in nature. For instance, some crystals are believed to promote physical healing by supporting the body's natural healing processes. They might be used to boost energy, promote relaxation, or even alleviate physical discomfort.

On an emotional level, crystal bracelets can be used to help balance emotions and promote mental well-being. They might be used to encourage feelings of peace and positivity, to help release negative emotions, or to support emotional healing and growth.

Ocean Jasper Stone Bracelet

Spiritually, crystal bracelets can be used as tools for personal and spiritual development. They might be used to enhance meditation, support spiritual awakening, or help the wearer connect with their intuition or higher self.

It's important to note that while many people find crystal bracelets to be a helpful tool in their healing and wellness journey, they should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. They're best used as a complement to other forms of care, providing an additional layer of support and wellness.

How to Wear Crystal Bracelets? And what is the significance of wearing a crystal bracelet on the left or right hand

Amethyst Crystal and Jasper Bracelet

When it comes to wearing crystal bracelets, there's a belief in the world of crystal healing that the left and right hands have different energy flows. The left hand is often seen as the "receptive" or "intuitive" hand, absorbing the energy of the universe around you. On the other hand, the right hand is often seen as the "active" or "giving" hand, directing your energy outwards to the world.

So, if you want to draw in a certain type of energy, you might choose to wear your crystal bracelet on your left hand. For example, if you're wearing a rose quartz bracelet to attract love, you might wear it on your left hand to draw that loving energy into your life.

Conversely, if you want to project or release a certain type of energy, you might choose to wear your crystal bracelet on your right hand. For instance, if you're wearing a black tourmaline bracelet for protection, you might wear it on your right hand to direct its protective energy outwards.

Of course, these are just guidelines, and the most important thing is that you wear your crystal bracelet in a way that feels right for you.

What is the impact of wearing multiple crystal bracelets?

Wearing multiple crystal bracelets can have a powerful impact on your energy and well-being. When you wear multiple bracelets, you're combining the energies and vibrations of different crystals, creating a harmonious blend that can enhance their individual properties.

Each crystal has its unique set of healing properties and energies. By wearing multiple bracelets, you're able to tap into a broader range of energies and benefit from the synergistic effects they create. For example, if you wear an amethyst stone bracelet for calm and a rose quartz bracelet for love, combining them on your wrist can help promote both a sense of inner peace and a loving, compassionate energy.

The impact of wearing multiple crystal bracelets can be amplified when the crystals complement or resonate with each other. Some crystals have natural affinities or work well together in promoting specific intentions or areas of focus. By combining these crystals, you create a powerful energetic support system.

It's important to note that wearing multiple crystal bracelets should still feel comfortable and balanced for you. You don't want to overwhelm your energy field by wearing too many bracelets at once.

It's best to listen to your intuition and choose a combination that feels harmonious and aligned with your intentions. Experiment with different combinations and trust your intuition to find the right balance for you.

Crystal Bracelets for Specific Purposes

Crystal bracelets can be specifically chosen and worn for different purposes, such as attracting wealth, promoting love, or providing protection. Here are a few examples of purpose-specific crystal bracelets and the crystals commonly used for each purpose:

crystal bracelets

Wealth Bracelets:

For those seeking to enhance abundance and prosperity, crystals like Citrine, Tiger Eye, Pyrite, and Aventurine are often used. 

  • Citrine is known as the "Merchant's Stone" and is believed to attract wealth and success. 

  • Tiger Eye is associated with good fortune and financial stability. 

  • Pyrite, also known as "Fool's Gold," is believed to attract wealth and opportunities. 

  • Aventurine is often associated with luck and financial growth.

Crystal Bracelets For Love:

Also called healing bracelets beads. They are made of crystals for love and emotional well-being like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, and Green Jade. 

  • Rose Quartz, the quintessential love stone, is believed to attract love, enhance relationships, and promote self-love. 

  • Rhodonite is known for its ability to heal emotional wounds and promote forgiveness and compassion. 

  • Rhodochrosite is associated with attracting soulmates and deepening love connections. 

  • Green Jade is believed to promote harmony, balance, and unconditional love.

rhodonte crystal bracelet

    Protection Bracelets

    To ward off negative energies and provide a sense of protection, crystals like Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, Amethyst, and Hematite are commonly used. 

    • Black Tourmaline is a powerful protection stone that repels negative energies and psychic attacks. 

    • Labradorite is known for its shielding and deflecting properties, keeping unwanted energies at bay. 

    • Amethyst is believed to have a high spiritual vibration that can protect and purify one's energy field. 

    • Hematite is often used for grounding and protection against electromagnetic frequencies.

    These examples are just a starting point, as there are many other crystals with unique properties associated with different intentions. Choose the crystals that resonate with you and align with your specific needs and desires. 

    protection bracelet

    What is The Science Behind Crystal Bracelets?

    When it comes to the science behind crystal bracelets and crystal healing, it's important to understand that the perspective from a scientific point of view is different from the metaphysical and spiritual beliefs associated with crystals. Let's discuss this topic while addressing skepticism and common misconceptions.

    From a scientific perspective, crystals are regarded as solid materials with unique chemical compositions and structures. They have properties such as hardness, transparency, and conductivity that can be explained through the principles of physics and chemistry. Crystals have long been used in various technological applications, such as in electronics, lasers, and timekeeping devices, where their physical properties are harnessed for specific purposes.

    Protection Hamsa Jasper Stone Bracelet

    However, the scientific community generally does not recognize the concept of crystals emitting a specific energetic frequency or vibrations that directly affect human well-being. The effects attributed to crystal healing are often considered subjective experiences or placebo effects. The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon where a person experiences a positive outcome due to their belief in a treatment, regardless of whether the treatment itself has a direct physiological effect.

    Scientific studies on crystal healing are limited, and the available research often does not provide conclusive evidence of their efficacy on spiritual awareness.

    It's important to note that while scientific explanations may not align with the metaphysical beliefs surrounding crystals, this does not invalidate the personal experiences and benefits that individuals attribute to crystal bracelets. Many people find comfort, inspiration, and a sense of well-being through their interactions with crystals.

    It's also worth mentioning that the placebo effect itself can have a profound impact on an individual's well-being. If wearing a crystal bracelet or engaging in crystal healing practices brings about positive changes in one's thoughts, emotions, and behavior, then it can still be a valuable tool for personal growth and self-care.

    While the scientific perspective on crystal healing focuses on the physical properties of crystals rather than their metaphysical properties, it's essential to approach crystal bracelets and crystal healing with an open mind. Understanding that personal experiences and benefits can be subjective allows for a respectful dialogue between different perspectives. It's up to each individual to determine their beliefs and practices, finding what resonates with them personally.

    lapis bracelet

    How to Choose Your Crystal Bracelet?

    Here are some tips on choosing a crystal bracelet:

    Intuition and Attraction:

    When selecting a crystal bracelet, trust your intuition. Allow yourself to be drawn to the crystal that resonates with you. Pay attention to the colors, shapes, and energy of the crystals. Trust that the right crystal will catch your eye and feel right to you.

    Intention and Purpose:

    Consider the purpose or intention you have for your crystal bracelet. Are you seeking love, protection, or abundance? Different crystals have different properties, so choose a crystal that aligns with your desired intention. Research the meanings and properties of different crystals to make an informed choice.

    Sizing and Comfort:

    Ensure that the bracelet fits comfortably around your wrist. Crystal bracelets often come in different sizes, so choose one that feels comfortable and secure. You don't want it to be too tight or too loose. Consider the bead size and the overall weight of the bracelet as well.

    Quality and Authenticity:

    Look for reputable sellers who source genuine and high-quality crystals. Authentic crystals have unique patterns, textures, and variations in color. Be cautious of imitations or synthetic materials claiming to be natural crystals.

    How to Clean and recharge crystal bracelets?

    Cleaning Your Crystal Bracelet:

    To keep your crystal bracelet energetically clear, it's essential to periodically cleanse it. You can do this by rinsing it under cool running water for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can immerse it in a bowl of water with a pinch of sea salt for about 15 minutes. Use non-abrasive materials for cleaning, as some crystals can be delicate and easily scratched. After cleaning, pat dry with a soft cloth.

    Smudging Your Crystal Bracelet:

    Another method to cleanse your crystal bracelet is through smudging. Use a bundle of dried herbs such as white sage, palo santo, or cedar. Light the bundle and let the smoke envelop your bracelet, moving it through the smoke for a few moments. Set your intention for the cleansing process, envisioning the smoke purifying and clearing away any stagnant energies.

    Sunlight and Moonlight Recharging:

    Crystals can benefit from exposure to sunlight and moonlight. Place your crystal bracelet in a safe spot where it can receive direct sunlight for a few hours. Sunlight is believed to energize and recharge crystals. Alternatively, you can place your bracelet in moonlight, especially during the full moon. The gentle glow of the moon is thought to cleanse and enhance the crystal's energy.

    Visualizing and Intentions:

    Another method to recharge your crystal bracelet is through intentional visualization. Hold your bracelet in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize a bright white or golden light surrounding the crystals.

    Imagine this light infusing the crystals with renewed energy and vitality. State your intentions for the bracelet's energy, focusing on what you wish to manifest or experience while wearing it.

    Crystal Clusters or Geodes:

    Place your crystal bracelet on a larger crystal cluster or geode for a few hours or overnight. Crystal clusters and geodes are known for their ability to cleanse and recharge other crystals. The cluster or geode acts as a natural energy amplifier, enhancing the vibrational frequency of your bracelet.

    Listen to your intuition when deciding how often to cleanse and recharge your crystal bracelet. Pay attention to any changes in the energy or the way the bracelet feels. By regularly caring for and recharging your crystal bracelet, you can keep its energy fresh and vibrant for continued use and enjoyment.

    Final Thoughts

    So there you have it, an in-depth look into the profound world of crystal bracelets. From rose quartz's unconditional love to smoky quartz's endurance, and from clear quartz's healing power to black tourmaline's protection, these crystal bead bracelets offer more than just a splash of style on your wrist. They resonate with different energies, serve different purposes, and can significantly influence your emotional and mental well-being.

    Whether you're drawn to the calming stone of Blue Lace Agate, or you need the confidence boost that Tiger's Eye brings, remember, the perfect crystal bracelet for you is the one that resonates with your needs and intentions.

    The beauty of these precious and healing stones is that they each carry their healing powers and energies. Find the one that aligns with your journey, and let it accompany you, providing positive energy and healing properties.

    Go ahead, choose the healing stone or crystal for your bracelet, wear it with pride, and let its healing benefits permeate your life. Trust in their ancient wisdom, wear your favorite crystal bracelet, and you might just see transformations that transcend the aesthetic realm, reaching into emotional and spiritual spheres.

    Remember, crystals are not just chic, they are subtle yet powerful allies in our journey towards balance, healing, and inner peace.

    As you embark on the journey of selecting the perfect crystal bracelet, consider the profound meaning behind each stone, whether it's a matching crystal bracelet set or a real crystal bracelet chosen with care, as they can serve as more than just a stylish accessory; they can be a meaningful gift, resonating with the power to remove negative energy and align with specific chakras like the grounding black crystals associated with the root chakra.


    Q: Can I wear different crystal bracelets together? A: Yes, you can mix and match different crystal bracelets to amplify their energies and benefits. However, it's important to understand each stone's properties to ensure they complement each other.

    Q: Do healing bracelets really work?

    A: Healing bracelets, made from crystals, gemstones, or metals, are believed by some to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and provide physical healing. Proponents of alternative medicine claim these materials interact with the body's energy fields, rooted in traditions like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many people report feeling calmer and more balanced when wearing these bracelets. They can also serve as mindfulness tools and hold cultural significance.

    Q: How do I cleanse my crystal bracelet? A: Crystals can absorb negative energy, so regular cleansing is essential. You can cleanse them by smudging with sage, bathing them in moonlight, or using a larger quartz crystal.

    Q: How do I choose the right crystal bracelet for me? A: Choosing the right healing crystal bracelets depends on your personal needs and intentions. Determine what area of your life needs balance or healing, and choose a crystal that resonates with that.

    Q: Do crystal bracelets work? A: While scientific evidence on the healing properties of crystals is limited, many people report feeling more balanced and positive when wearing a crystal gemstone bracelet. As with many things, personal belief and intention play a significant role.

    Q: Can I wear my crystal bracelet all the time? A: Yes, you can wear your crystal bracelet all the time. However, remember to cleanse it regularly to clear any absorbed negative energy stored in these semi precious stones. 

    Q: Which crystal is present in a transparent blue crystal bracelet? A:The crystal commonly present in a transparent blue crystal bracelet is often blue lace agate, blue quartz, or blue topaz.

    Q: What is the buddha stones meaning? A: Buddha stones refer to beads, healing gem bracelets, Buddhist art or artifacts with images or inscriptions related to Buddha, representing the buddhist tradition

    Q: What are the properties of the crystal healing bracelets that have blue sodalite? A: Crystal healing bracelets with blue Sodalite, promote communication, enhance self-expression, and bring about mental clarity and emotional balance.

    Q: What are healing gemstone bracelets? A: Healing gemstone bracelets are believed to have metaphysical properties that promote physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being when worn.

    Q: What are healing gemstone bracelets? A: Healing gemstone bracelets are believed to have metaphysical properties that promote physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being when worn. All of them are natural stone bracelets and some examples are black obsidian, pyrite, fluorite, celestite, moonstone, aquamarine, labradorite, jade, aventurine, malachite, hematite etc. 

    Healing bracelets Vs Conventional Bracelets:

    Healing bracelets are often made from crystals or gemstones believed to offer therapeutic benefits like stress reduction and improved well-being, whereas conventional bracelets are primarily decorative and do not claim any health benefits.

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